Smax Vape Building Mat

$ 9.99 

This product is currently sold out.

Smax Vape Building Mat perfect for building coils, changing cotton and assembling hardware.

  • Black
  • Rubber Backed
  • Soft Top
  • 11x17
  • Smoke-Free Everyday Logo 

Tired of kanthal wire scratching up the table that you just spilled vape juice all over? We have your back with our SMAX Vape Building Mat. We know half the fun of vapes is fine-tuning your rig to be a cloud billowing machine. But building and installing the perfect coil shouldn’t mean having to refinish your work surface. Lay down our rubber backed mat and rest assured that fine-tuning your rig won’t end in refinishing your desk. Enjoy all the fun of finding the perfect setup, and cut down on the cleanup with a little help from SMAX.

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