Smax Evolution


Smax Evolution



July 2014

SMAX 30 ML Airless Pump

The first airless-pump bottle dispensing e-liquids was introduced to the market on July 18th 2014. These bottles provided convenience, style, ease for on-the-go dripping and prevented e-liquids from being contaminated from outside particles. Five flavors were available in high VG 90/10 blends dedicated to the cloud chasing vapers.


September 2014

SMAX 15 ML Airless Pump

Due to significant requests for samples, 15 ML version of the 30 ML airless pump bottles were released as a not-for-resale version. 


September 2014

SMAX 100 ML Airless Pump

As demands for larger bottles came in, SMAX released its very first 100 ML airless pump bottle.


May 2015

SMAX 30 ML Glass Bottles

With FDA regulations in effect, SMAX introduced an option for shops to purchase glass bottles containing child-resistant-cap closures.


November 2015

SMAX’s 6th flavor introduced

“She’s A Dime”, inspired by Priscilla J. was added as SMAX’s last original line flavor.


SMAX 120 ml Glass Bottles

SMAX discontinued production on 100 ML airless pump bottles and replaced larger bottles with 120 ML glass bottles containing child-resistant-cap closures.

December 2015


SMAX’ Original Flavors Discontinued

As of July 15th, 2016 SMAX’s original high VG 90/10 blend recipes were removed and production of e-liquids was stopped under the SMAX brand. 

July 2016


SMAX Blax 60 ML Flavors Introduced

An all new Flavor Bible was introduced containing 3 new smackin' flavors in 70/30 blends available in 60 ML BLAX bottles.

August 2016


It's Better in Blax

It's Better in Blax


Main Squeeze

Summery orange slices and provocative pineapple chunks churned in a silky cream

Memories of Mexico

Savory Spanish pastry sticks bursting with sizzling cinnamon sensations


Icy punch of fresh-squeezed lemon tears crushed by wet and wild berries